Bud is an app prototype that I designed to streamline the process of finding and offering care for dogs, whether it be walking or dog-sitting. Scroll down to see the process and final design screens.

The Bud Logo
The name "Bud" is inspired by the word itself, being the shorthand term for "buddy," along with the "budding" friendship that happens during pet ownership.
The Bud logo is inspired by the curvature of the letter B, as shown in the diagram. The shape of the two curves mimic a "B," which also correlates with the name of the app. The logo was first hand-drawn, then converted digitally.
Preliminary sketches of the logo are below.
App Screens
Color Palette

The inspiration behind the colors are the shades found in nature.

Whether it's the bright orange of the flowers outside, the whites of the clouds, or the lush greenery outside, these hues symbolize the friendly and warm colors of a beautiful day outside on a walk.


The main header typeface is Roca Bold, while the body type is
Elza Regular. While a serif font may seem traditional, Roca's rounded edges make the typeface appear clean, legible, modern, and with just the right amount of friendliness.
Elza Regular is a sans serif font that comes in a variety of weights that is very legible even when set to smaller point sizes.
The legibility and versatility with weights make it a great choice
for the body typeface.

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