These stamps were designed to highlight four special moments in my childhood. They might be considered not very important events now, but they're reminders that even the smallest memories can bring so much joy. The numbers on the top right (usually for the price of the stamp) are instead the year in which those events happened.
Memory Stamp 1: Shelby
One of my most vivid memories was when my grandma took me to the aquarium by her house, and there she bought a pink turtle stuffed animal for me. I named her Shelby, and I still have her to this day. The color palette is drawn from the plush itself, warm tones of pink and purple.
Memory Stamp 2: MY FIRST CONSOLE
My first-ever video game console was the Game Boy Color. It allowed me to enter a whole new world of video game adventures. These colors are inspired by the vibrant hues of my console, and the gridded pattern in the background is inspired by the 8-bit structures of my very first games, Super Mario Brothers and Pokémon Silver Version.
Memory Stamp 3: FLYING A KITE
This third stamp is dedicated to the moment where I first flew a kite with my dad and my brother. My dad had promised that we'd fly a kite together if I was brave enough to finish my ballet lessons and the final recital, and I persisted. These colors are inspired by a lush open green pasture, which is where we went to go fly my very first kite.
My mom rented the movie, Kiki's Delivery Service, for me, back in the day. This movie taught me that it's okay to be at your own pace when you're discovering yourself, your identity, and your confidence, and it remains as my favorite movie to this day. The colors in this stamp are inspired by the vivid hues found in the sky as the sun sets and the moon emerges.
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