Rekindle is a candle brand that I developed to showcase the concept for branding, packaging, and social media campaigns. The candle brand creates custom scents for their customers.
Rekindle is a candle brand that creates custom-made, nostalgic scents. The name comes from the word itself, which means to "relight, or revive." The first meaning is the physical lighting of the candle itself, and the second meaning is to relive and remember precious moments through the fragrance given off by the candle. There are three preliminary scents on this release that are based on my favorite childhood snacks: Strawberry Milk, Yakgwa (a Korean honey cookie), and Matcha Hotteok (Green Tea Honey Pancakes).
The Rekindle Logo
After various exploration of logos, I honed in on a version that uses a visual mark paired with the logotype.
The flare typeface chosen for the logo is a nod to the flames in a lit candle, and they also connect to the flames present in the visual mark.
Visual Mark
The visual mark is shaped into a flame, with two smaller flames inside of it that make up the negative space.
This is a nod to the candle flame holding scents (memories) within them.
Candle Packaging
The packaging implements the logo mentioned above with a series of abstract shapes that subtly reference the scent they represent. One example of this is the scalloped shape on the bottom left are a reference to the shape of a Yakgwa Cookie. The packaging of the box also features a small icon of what the inspiration for the scent is, which is also featured in the social media animations.
Social Media Campaign - Instagram Stories & Ads
Instagram Feed Mockups
Branding Exploration
Additional Brand Assets
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