Gratitude Lettering is a series of lettering compositions that I created to breathe life into three different ways to say "Thank You" (English, Spanish and French). The lettering pieces were first sketched out on paper then digitally rendered in Illustrator and Photoshop.
This series is inspired by vintage stickers and they incorporate a textured background for a more tactile look and feel. The first of the series features the English phrase, "Thanks so much" in an organic lettering lockup.
The smiley graphical elements add a fun touch, and are reminiscent of the vintage stickers mentioned above. They're arranged throughout the composition to frame the lettering. This Spanish "Muchas Gracias" is inspired by traditional slab serif and rugged Western typefaces.
The last of the series, is the phrase "Merci Beaucoup," which is French for "Thank you very much." This lettering piece draws inspiration from thin, classic serif display fonts.
Early Sketches
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